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ANTIQUE COLLECTION (Long and Wide Plank)

The widths of the floorboards in our Homestyle Collection (Standard) range from 2¼ to 5¨. The lengths depend on the chosen wood style. The product can be rough, stained and varnished, or pre-oiled. However, our specialty is long and wide plank wood floors.

The lengths of our Antique Collection (Long and Wide PLank) floorboards range from 2 to 12 feet and are easy to install. The widths range from 2¼ to 8¨. They are available in the wood species, stain, and finish you desire.


The majority of our floors are pre-varnished at UV Crystal or UV Laviolette. These companies who specialize in wood floor finishes apply 10 coats of polyurethane with an addition of aluminium oxide to ensure the best abrasion resistance possible. The planks are then UV baked. This procedure allows us to offer a 25 year warranty on our floors. You also have access to a large variety of coloured wood stains.


A pre-oiled hardwood floor is virtually scratch- free. Oil can even be used to restore damaged floors. The warmth and softness of the mat finish conveys a natural look to the wood grain and is more comfortable to walk on than a varnished floor. We only use100% natural oils that saturate the wood fibres while bringing out the floor's inherent beauty. It also preserves the flexibility and elasticity of your wood floor. Oil finishes are also easier to maintain.


 Create your own personalized environment by choosing the long lasting warmth and beauty of a natural hardwood floor!
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