DVM is a 'Top of the Line' Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer. We build Custom Made Floors for our clients in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


No other flooring material comes close to the beauty and warmth of a wood floor. Hard or soft wood conveys exceptional style and beauty to any decor and its charm grows with age. A great variety of species, styles and wood grains are offered on the wood flooring market. At DVM, our priority is to distinguish ourselves by building top quality custom-made products. We rely on our qualified personnel and quality control procedures to make sure you obtain the wood floor of your dreams. Our goal is to manufacture high-end hardwood floors according to your personal needs and requirements.

 DVM Wood is now the exclusive distributor in Quebec of Timberwise’s products. Engineering’s floors of high quality, product Finland more durable and easy maintenance.

At DVM, we offer the best quality products for your peace of mind.

We are attentive to your needs from the first contact to our after-sales service.

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