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Original Collection :
Species: Pine, Larch, Oak, Ash
This collection is a good choice for lovers of traditional wooden floors. Besides wood in natural color tones, he also offer white varnished and white wax oiled products. The following spreads show examples of different surface treatment combinations. Your floor can be brushed and varnished, sanded and wax oiled – or vice versa. Varnish and wax oiled finishes are available in clear or matt, so there is plenty too choose from.

Color Collection wax oiled:
Species: Larch, Oak, Ash
He uses colored wax oil to emphasize the wood’s natural tones. Depending on the selected wood species and colors, the end result varies from nearly white to dark ebony wood tones. Ideal finishes are silky glass or matt wax oils.

Color Collection Lacquered:
Species: Oak, Ash
In this collection, varnishes and stains are used to create an attractive floor color. The surface is brushed or sanded, after which it is coated with a suitably colored varnish or stain. Even stained products receive a varnish coating, which ensures the floor is durable.

Handwashed Collection:
Specie: Oak
Fine and unique. The inspiration far this collection was sourced from nature and its harmonious colors and lively surfaces. Every wood and floor is unique reflecting nature’s own diversity. Handwashed collection’s color range gives you endless opportunities to create fascination and cutting edge interiors.

Vintage Collection:
Specie: Oak
Timberwise Oy has expanded its product range with the addition of a new product family – The Vintage Collection. This new range continues the Timberwise natural approach when it comes to color. The products in this collection are characterized by a look that conveys the patina of time. Filled cracks and knotholes are an essential part of the appearance of these products, creating a distressed look familiar from the wooden floors of the past.


Advantages of a Hardwood Floor

  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Variety
  • Environmentally Friendly Flooring Material
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